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    Chapter 1 - Introduction

    • Part 1

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    Chapter 2 - Dojo Training

    • Part 2

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    Chapter 3 - Techniques and Summary

    • Sum

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    Extra Footage

    • Ishimryu Dojos Footage 1

    • Ishimryu Dojos Footage 2

    • Ishimryu Dojos Footage 3

    • Ishimryu Dojos Footage 4


Master Instructor

Bruce Hyland

Bruce Hyland began his karate training in 1972 having grounding in Sport & Traditional Karate and Coach Development he has always sought out the most advantageous methods for his own self development and his students. Karate is neither sport, traditional or reality based self defence it is all these! Karate parallels life with principles and philosophies that are like having your own life coach every step of the way as you grow into the complete karate-student and person.

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