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Bridging course - to blackbelt:
For people wanting to gain their black belt but don’t have a club to train at or they are not willing to take into account your previous experience. Irrespective of what discipline you have studied this course provides the foundations and principles to be applied to most styles.
Prerequisites: Documented history of training for an accumulated period of 3 years in one or multiple styles. Must have had a number of gradings with a club Content: Basic - Advanced blocking, striking, throwing, locking techniques - forms, sparring, bag work
Techniques are taken from: karate, taekwondo, aikido, ju jutsu, kickboxing, defensive tactics
Process: Learn this physical curriculum and the theory.
To Complete: Do Q&A, submit an essay and video and or face to face assessment.
Upon Completion: The student will be awarded Further study in a number of set courses will take graduates to internationally recognised instructor level.

Business Development
Running your own school or wanting to open one, then you will find some essential business tips to help you become more successful. Our business courses / modules cover all the areas of business such as: administration, software, marketing, bookkeeping, accountancy, sales, club operations, risk management, social media, communications, legal compliance, human resources, etc

Health & Fitness
Want to improve your knowledge in coaching, sports science, nutrition, personal training etc then look no further. Do as little or as much as you like selecting the topics that best suit you right now. Do them in the order of knowledge you want to develop rather than do a whole program with subjects you already know. Or are not interested in. 

Black Belt Gradings
Martial artists / instructors around the globe can get their existing grades ratified by MAU to the level of an internationally recognised (accredited) instructor.

Instructor courses 
Courses that improve your overall quality of teaching and give you qualifications to prove your skills in martial arts teaching. Such as AMACS and other ones we create or name

Sports Coaching
Become a super coach by learning all the elements that make elite athletes. Full courses and individual subjects to compliment your existing skills.

Security / Defensive Tactics
Learn how to defend yourself or start your journey into the career of security and protection services

Martial Arts Styles
All the martial arts styles we offer courses for!