Course curriculum

  • 1

    Nunchaku Pt- 1

    • Part 1 - Basics of Nunchaku

  • 2

    Nunchaku Pt- 2

    • Part 2 - Single Nunchaku & Spinning Techniques

  • 3

    Nunchaku Pt- 3

    • Part 3 - Advanced Catches & Kata

  • 4

    Nunchaku Pt- 4

    • Part 4 - Striking & Spins

  • 5


    • Assessment 1 - Video Submission


Master Instructor

Grant Bannister

In 1958 Grant trained at judo for a whole year with a very experienced instructor, Wally Strauss. Grant was also a keen sailor and in 1959 won an Australian title in racing catamarans. Over the last thirty years, Grant has taught thousands of students and has had the pleasure of helping students win Australian and even world titles (Sensei Crystal ISKA world Black belt kumite 2008). He has written four goal setting books for ages three years up to fourteen years. There is another goal setting/grading book he has written for fourteen years and on. (Senior reference and grading book.)

Pricing options

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