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    Black Belt Complex 1

    • Black Belt Complex 1 - Video Walkthrough

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    Black Belt Complex 2

    • Black Belt Complex 2 - Video Walkthrough

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    Black Belt Complex 3

    • Black Belt Complex 3 - Video Walkthrough

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    • Optional Assessment - Video Submission


Martial Arts Legend

Richard Norton

Richard Norton is an undisputed legend of action cinema who remains one of the highest rated Martial Artists in his field. He even holds a unique accolade as one of the most highly regarded Westerners to work on the dynamic films of Hong Kong stars, Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung. Born and raised in Croydon, Australia, the young Richard pursued a passion in Martial Arts that would shape his life and career. He subsequently began working security at clubs before starting a long-spanning career as a bodyguard to some of the best musical artists in the world including The Rolling Stones, David Bowie and Linda Ronstadt.

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