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    Transition to Senior Black Belt 1st Dan 1 -5 Level

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    • One Step Fighting

    • Focus Mitt Drill

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Master Instructor

Paul Mracek

Paul started training in martial arts in Melbourne, Australia in 1977. He trained in both Taekwondo and Engineering at the same time and after obtaining qualifications travelled extensively in Asia and Europe; training in Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and China and studying meridian / pressure point theory and practice. Paul achieved his Master level 6th Dan in Malaysia in 2007, International Coach through OCFM in 2008 and achieved his 8th Dan in Taekwondo / TaekwonJitsu in 2016. He is a CEO, author, trainer, coach, consultant, master black belt and successful businessman, with qualifications in NLP and Hypnotherapy. Paul continues his research into advanced martial arts principles combined with defensive tactics for the community through to the professional

Master Instructor

Glenn Coxon

Having commenced his martial arts with Boxing at the ripe age of 7, Shihan Glenn Coxon has dedicated a lifetime to the study of the Martial Arts and has travelled extensively in the pursuit of knowledge to share and train with the best in the world of the fighting arts. In his travels he has worked with many local and international Instructors of renown such as Benny ‘The Jet’ Urquidez, Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace, Chuck Norris, Dan Inosanto, Joe Lewis, Richard Norton and many others. Competitive by nature, Shihan Glenn has been a former junior boxing champion, held numerous State and National martial arts titles and throughout his career has also promoted many of Australia’s largest martial arts and kickboxing events with record attendances and rave reviews.

Master Instructor

Graham Slater

Graham started his martial arts training in England in 1973 inspired by Bruce Lee and the need to defend against the ever increasing, violence by gang warfare on the streets of Liverpool, UK. He started by learning from books and soon tracked down a local Goju Karate school to train at. In 1975 he immigrated to Australia with his family and quickly found a Kyokushin Karate club to train at for the next 4 years. During that time, he also trained at a Kickboxing Gym, Ken Shin Kai Karate and in Ju Jitsu with a friend. The Kyokushin club closed in 1979 and Graham moved to another club, Shotokai Karate (UK Harada Sensei style), where he achieved his black belt in 1981.... cont